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Sabat Tarh Ara Consulting Engineers Company (PJS) was established in June 2004 aimed at offering engineering services in accordance with international standards and has been operating as an active company in the field of architecture, urban development, and planning.
Since the establishment date, this consulting company has paved the way emphasized on using experienced staff with modern knowledge, proper financial capability, full hardware facilities, and industrious manpower to provide new and capable collection for employers and technical and engineering society of Iran.
Consulting engineers of Sabat Tarh Ara Company as one of superior and active advisors in the field of architecture, urban development, and planning take step continuously to improve quality of counseling services that obtaining qualifications with different majors, different managerial and qualitative certificates, letters of satisfaction, and testimonials of employers can prove our claim.

Objectives of Company

Building working relationship based on trust at work and mutual respect-

Providing high quality services;  Pioneer approach in promoting education, research, technology, and design-

Help to economic-social development as a member of society-

Respect and commitment to occupational ethics standards-

Respect to nature and strive to maintain and improve the environment and sustainable development-